STARS Evolution (animation)

This series was part of my master's thesis, funded by an HHMI grant, to build a "science suitcase" of portable learning materials that included animations, activities, and labs, for the UT Southwestern Medical Center's STARS program to help teach evolution in the Dallas Independent School District. I collaborated with the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas and Joel Goodman, Ph.D. of UT Southwestern.

Music available on “Red Heart” by Ailad, “Icy Planet” by Flash-MX, “bossa_nova_loop” by hjcrbass, “Universal” by HungarianSupermarket, “BlueTrainCowboys” by RyanThunder, “Mastermind” by StaticStigma, “Smooth_Loop” by SyndromeGames, “Just_Country” by theutopianking, and “Smooth_Bossa_Nova” by Tombor911.
Photographs on Flickr under a Creative Commons License: “German Shepherd Skull” and “Racoon Dog Skull” by LiquidOnyx, “Tree Tribute” by blankdots, “vulture” by kevinzim, “Torn Paper” by 'Playingwithbrushes,' “Walking with Lions Zimbabwe” by Nick Perretti, “Fudge, our new English Bulldog puppy” and “Fudge Playtime” by Tadson, “Arctic Ocean at Barrow” by stevesheriw, and “Tree trunks” by UncleBucko. “Spurs” was used with permission by MBaumeister.
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